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Does your schedule keep you from making it to Stalise?
We will be happy to accomodate your schedule.  
Just call and make a private shopping appointment anytime.

Host a private party at Stalise with your friends.
Stalise will provide fun refreshments. Your friends will
receive 15% off all full priced merchandise. You get
a gift certificate for 10% off the total sales from
that evening. (example - $1000 = $100 Gift Card)
Book your party Monday - Thursday

Stalise will teach you how to shop!
Stalise will show you how to choose items that compliment your
figure and lifestyle. We will pull items for you to try on that suit
your need and budget and help you step up your style.
Do you look into your closet and say, "I have nothing to wear?"
Stalise will help you evaluate all items in your closet, including
clothes, shoes and accessories. We will determine what to keep,
what to toss and what can be altered; review the colors and silhouettes
that best suit your figure; assess which items are missing in your
wardrobe; organize the contents of your closet in a manner that will allow
you to clearly view your clothes and accessories to help you easily decide
what to wear each day. This service will make you love your closet!
Closet Therapy Fees $100 for up to 2 hours. Each additional hour - $40